The Value of Life

The Experience

Today at work, we got wind of some sad news. A colleague, in charge of the production, died last night in a motorcycle accident.

At first, I didn’t quite get what was going on: I saw people gathering in small groups, saddened faces. Then a coworker came up to me to explain. The news ripped my heart out. I didn’t know this man very well, but seeing the whole of the factory (about 200 people) in tears, comforting one another shook me up. Especially since it reminded me the death of a close friend under similar circumstances.

Little by little, the machines shut down, the lights turned off, the bustling of the production lines ceased. For a second there, I thought we were about to observe a minute in silence. In reality it went beyond.

Our boss decided to close down the factory for the day. My colleagues explained that they were now going to help the family of the deceased and head off to the cremation. All in the same day. What a beautiful show of humanity!

Place New Delhi

Date 7 mai 2018

Who Talks

Maïwenn, French. I have felt passionate about India since my first trip a little over 10 years ago now. Thirty-year-old fashion designer, I decided to go there to work and learn more about this culture that fascinates me. I marvel at every detail of everyday life and at this philosophy of life, so different from the one in my country.

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