Corned-Beef and Pasta on a Deserted Island

“Voluntary cast-offs”, they are but two marooned for six months, on a deserted atoll… with a Russian name! Antoni and Harry are two rangers working for the Suwarrow National Park on the Cook Islands. They stay here throughout the winter, in between cyclonic seasons. Their job is to make sure the visiting “yachties” (the only ones who access this paradise lost in the Pacific Ocean) observe the quarantine regulations and mooring, diving, and fishing restrictions.

Despite it all, we still get to enjoy what is still allowed in this virginal place: drinking green coconuts, eating palm hearts (coconut trees are truly redundant here) and coconut crabs… drinking green coconuts, eating palm… Because unless you know what you’re doing, fishing is tricky in these parts since the lagoon is infested with sharks who will bite off anything you catch!

As for Harry and Antoni? Well, don’t you worry about them, they know what they’re doing, but they can’t bear fish any longer. They do crave however, the corned-beef and pasta, they have stocked up for their 6-months stay!!!

Place: Suwarrow, Iles Cook

Date: June 26, 2012

Author: Nicolas Remy

Author presentation: A 35 year-old French navigator, Nicolas has been sailing around the world for a few years, making it possible to access countless islands.


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