Eat What you Kill, not What you Buy

I like to eat meat and I like wildlife.

To learn how to hunt and how to butcher I went to Idaho and found a strange old man who taught me how to do that. He was a Vietnam veteran and organized himself like a survivalist. A survivalist is someone who prepares himself for the end of civilization. He hunts alone the whole year around the States including Alaska and only eats meat that he has hunted.

Meat tastes different when you understand that you killed life for it.

As a beginner, you also eat it a lot less frequently considering how difficult it is to hunt and to backpack it.

Place : Idaho, United-States

Date : 2013

Author: Alexandre Chagnaud
Author description: French lawyer in his thirties, he wanted to experience eating meat that he had hunted himself. He went to the United-States to obtain his hunting permit. He met a Vietnam war veteran, Idaho hunter, who offered him to come along to hunt.

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