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TellUs Cultures

Our philosophy

Two friends since high school in the Parisian suburbs, we initiated this project in March 2011 on the shores of the Bosphorus during one of our many discussions about our intercultural experiences. One was settling in Istanbul, the other leaving Mexico. The questions triggered by our conversation remained unanswered and we dreamed of accessing those who could provide them thanks to their own experience.

Since then, we have been collecting intercultural experiences from all over the world, along with leads to explain them, that we uncover with locals and experts in the field of interculturality.

Today, there are countless reasons to come in contact with cultures other than your own: traveling, immigration, expatriation, or simply with your work colleagues, classmates or neighbors. These encounters are opportunities for exciting discoveries that inspire, intrigue, and sometimes bemuse us. How can we rise from our misunderstandings and prejudice?

Whether in Rio de Janeiro and Dubai, or in our headquarters at the Chaudronneries in Montreuil, the TellUs team is on a mission to share cultures! That’s right, we believe it’s easier to grow from each other’s differences once we understand them.

Our goals

  • Collect intercultural experiences (personal stories experienced within another culture);

  • Catalog these experiences in our database;

  • Debate the underlying intercultural questions inspired by these experiences;

  • Uncover leads to explain these experiences;

  • Share our collection and findings in the hopes of contributing to better understanding between cultures.

Our expertise

  • Share the intercultural experiences in our collection

    Oral, written (and soon-to-be video) with the intention of promoting better understanding between cultures.

  • Lead individual and group intercultural interviews

    With contributors of all horizons: people wishing to investigate their feelings after a trip, unload the emotional charge from immigration or ask the questions that arose while taking part in a university exchange program.

  • Identify and debate intercultural questions

    Live, during private functions, public events or on social media (Facebook and Instagram). These debates have thus far taken the form of student exchange groups, expat mixers, workshops for children, and welcome coffees for immigrant women.

  • Submit leads to explain the intercultural experiences in our collection

    With a native’s’ viewpoint and interculturality experts’ hypotheses. Beyond these projects we are coordinating, should you require tailored services, the TellUs team will happily respond to your needs.