Responsible for the Slaughter

While traveling to Laos with a friend, we booked a 4-day trek with a guide who introduced us to primitive communities.

Upon entering one of them, our hosts asked us if we enjoyed chicken. After having answered yes, they slit a hen’s throat in front of us, plucked and cooked it.

I was shocked to be the person directly responsible for the sudden slaughter, but it was good. We shared the meal with our guide, the man of the house and the village chief. Women and children ate our leftovers after… I was uncomfortable with this situation. My friend spoke up and made the men laugh when she asked if a woman could become the chief of a village, this was not even a question!

Easy for us to say, we’ve never had a woman president, let alone prime minister! Why do we always feel we’re better than others then…?

Place : Laos

Date : Août 2011

Author: Suzanne

Author presentation: For leisure, this soon-to-be thirty year-old Parisian, keeps on exploring the different cultures around our planet. Coordinating international relations with foreign students coming to France is just not enough.

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