Window​ ​Curry​​

Curry à la fenêtre Antoine Gicqueau 5

Curry à la fenêtre Antoine Gicqueau 6

The best way to travel in a foreign country is often the train. It’s more authentic, more economic and a great way to see the countryside. The only problem is that sometimes, your trip can take forever… Although entertainment is rarely an issue!

On that trip (…), I was able to observe how efficient window service was. Curry was served fresh right at your window and sticky rice, steamed in bamboo, awaited in each station.

And in the morning after waking up, there’s nothing better than washing your face and teeth… out the window, thanks to that bucket of water that awaits us in the station.

26 hours later, we’ve enjoyed the experience but we’re not unhappy to finally reach our destination.

Place: In the train between Mandalay and Myitkyina, Myanmar

Date: 2014

Author : Antoine Gicqueau
Author presentation: This thirty year-old French citizen, left his comfortable life in Madrid and his position as an engineer for more than a year to accomplish his dream of traveling.

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