Your experiences with TellUs

You are the author of intercultural experiences (EIC) collected by TellUs, congratulations! Thanks to your contributions and the questions they raise, TellUs invites all of us to a different intercultural dialogue, because it’s easier to benefit from each other’s cultures when we understand them.

New regulation on data management has entered into effect in Europe. Since you are an author for TellUs, you are concerned as we have some of your personal information in our database.



What data do we store?

1. Identification and contact information (last name, first name, email address, sometimes phone number and/or Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp contact);

2. The EIC: one or more of your intercultural experiences;

3. Information relevant to the publication of your EIC and about yourself, that you allow us to publish (chosen name for publication, nationality/culture(s) of origin, age, gender, personal situation, feelings at the moment of the experience.



The information that we use is solely and directly collected from you. We do not collect information indirectly.

Your identification and contact information (point 1 above) are not disclosed. They are stored away in our database of intercultural experiences. With your consent, we keep them to be able to contact you. This is the case until you ask us to erase them. They are not accessible online.

The intercultural experiences (EIC) that you have willingly shared with the association (point 2 above) and the information relevant for their publication (point 3 above) may be used for workshops, themed groups, public readings, or published on social media and in our newsletter, the Culture Flash. This information defines the context in which the experience took place. They are accessible to the TellUs’ audience, whether through our actions or on this website.

When you wish to do so, you can contact us to consult this information, modify it, remove it from our database or define guidelines with respects to their prospective conservation or deletion.

For such requests or any questions relative to this email, you can contact us by email.