How does TellUs work?

In order to promote a better understanding between cultures, TellUs:

  1. Conducts Intercultural Interviews to offer personalized presentations of intercultural experiences;
  2. Hosts Zoom Cultures and facilitates workshops both online and in person, around a selection of experiences compiled by topic with explanations;
  3. Develops partnerships around specific intercultural topics with different institutions (schools, companies or associations);
  4. Provides training for its members who want to facilitate actions with the TellUs’ method, with us or autonomously.

Intercultural Interviews

The active members are trained to conduct open minded and light hearted interviews. Through the interviewee’s experiences and feelings, the conversation enables the identification of intercultural elements that challenge us, awaken our curiosity and make us deepen our reflection. With these interviews, as well as spontaneous collection, TellUs continuously adds new stories to its database. 

With the permission of the interviewees, their intercultural experiences are transcribed, proofread and archived by a Committee of active members who work hand-in-hand with the author. TellUs’ database contains over 600 stories that bring diverse perspectives on a variety of topics. 

Discover some of these stories here or, more recently, in video format on our YouTube channel!

Would you like to participate in an intercultural interview? Do you have an intercultural experience to include in our database? Contact us directly!

Zoom Cultures and Intercultural Workshops

TellUs mainly organizes two types of events: Zoom Cultures and Intercultural Workshops.

What are Zoom Cultures?

Each month, TellUs invites its members and guests who want to be introduced to the work of the association a discussion around a compilation of intercultural experiences. We read, share our points of view, respond with our own experience and explore possible explanations.

Zoom Cultures takes place towards the end of each month, from February until November every year. They happen in New Delhi (India), Dubai (UAE), Karlskrona (Sweden), Paris Region (France) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) – but also online!

In 2020, we discussed topics such as: greetings, politeness, tourism and authenticity, life after death, etc.

Do you want to check what is this month’s topic and register? Have a look at our events on Facebook.

What are Intercultural Workshops?

Intercultural Workshops are prepared according to TellUs’ method around a specific topic. They can also be tailor-made depending on the context. TellUs trained facilitators offer a compilation of intercultural experiences and activities to stimulate a discussion. The experiences are complemented by explanations, most often based on anthropological research. We use interactive and engaging approaches to support and deepen the reflection.

In 2020, we have developed workshops around themes such as: the first impressions in another culture, education in intercultural environments, the role of emotional intelligence, etc.

Would you like to participate in an intercultural workshop with TellUs? Follow our program on Facebook, come, participate and join us.


TellUs is in service of its partners. We jointly identify, assess and meet needs by fostering the development of the organizations and teams’ full potential. We are fully aware that interculturality is often initially experienced as a challenge. Nevertheless, our experience keeps corroborating the conviction that this stimulation is a valuable asset bringing inherent benefits to be revealed and tapped into.

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Here are a few examples of our partnerships:


You wish to host or facilitate Zoom Cultures and Intercultural Workshops, conduct intercultural Interviews or collect experiences? You want to actively contribute to stimulating dialogue and understanding around the points of view of people from different cultures? TellUs offers training to learn how to use TellUs’ method and tools!

Our training is designed to accompany you in understanding the approach, preparing and facilitating actions. They embrace continuous and collective learning amongst the group of active members.

The initial training will get you ready to carry out the actions of your choice, autonomously or by taking part in the activities organized by TellUs. It takes place in the spirit of collaborative intelligence to learn from each other’s skills, harmonize practices and set the basis for the values of the association to be carried in a coherent way, everywhere around the world.

To discover our trainings and the possible collaborations to carry out these actions together, contact us directly today.

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Other stand-alone actions: