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ELEONORE REMY – Dubai/France

Secretary of the Board and Association’s Director

For TellUs, I take care of memberships; communication; facilitate Zoom Cultures; and collect and translate intercultural experiences.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work: I like the moments of understanding, the encounters and our desire to work respectful of our lives, together and from a distance

Quote: One step at a time”


Co-president and Strategic Development Advisor

For TellUs, I give advice on the strategic Development.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work: the sharing mindset and comprehension of daily events that allow us to better connect to other cultures.

Quote: Nature make us similar, life distinguishes us – Confucius


Academic Advisor

For TellUs I review and advise on pedagogical material.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work: exchanges, discoveries, intellectual stimulation and the joy of its members…

Quote: “It is a characteristics of long trips to bring a completely different thing from what we were looking for” – Nicolas Bouvier


Advisor for Activities for Children

For TellUs I advise members and adapt pedagogical content of the activities.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work: the exchanges with other members, shared experiences, the orientation of the work carried out with children.



For TellUs, I work on financial reports; database management to get to know the donors and support TellUs’ expansion; expense and revenue reports in different countries and in different accounts; management of member’s expense reports.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work is to spend time with my sister, make use of my competencies for good causes and support such an association to grow.

ROXANNE LE FAILLER – The Netherlands

Members’ coordinator and Translator

For TellUs, I develop mechanisms for collaboration and internal visibility.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work: the richness of the experiences collected and the kindness of the workshops, which aim to promote an attentive meeting, a dialogue and consequently a depth that allows to put any point of view into perspective while highlighting the value of this diversity.

Quote:In medio stat virtus” – Aristotle


Co-president and Members’ training

For TellUs, I collect and archive intercultural experiences, facilitate active member’s trainings and update TellUs’ website.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work: meeting inspiring people.

Quote: Some people move us more than others, probably because, without us even knowing, they carry with them part of what we lack Wajdi Mouawad


The TellUs Cultures association exists thanks to all of its members. Anyone can join and contribute to TellUs in accordance with the vision, values ​​and missions that we have in common. Together, we increase the languages ​​in which we conduct our actions.

By joining, you can participate in actions reserved for members, enrich the discussions by sharing your point of view and contribute to the diversity that characterizes the association. We vote at General Assemblies. The members therefore support TellUs through their membership, their contributions during exchanges and are direct beneficiaries of the greater understanding between cultures that TellUs promotes.

By indicating their wish to contribute to the achievement of TellUs’ missions, members can become and remain active members for as long as they want. Depending on the needs, training is set up to allow active members who wish to lead Zoom Cultures, workshops or intercultural interviews using the TellUs method.

By standing for the elections which take place every three years in the General Assembly, members or active members can also become members of the Board and contribute to the daily management, strategic planning and development of new activities for TellUs.

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